Core Values

     Integrity, Relationship, Service, Innovation. These 4 values are at the foundation of every decision we make and every interaction we have. Whether in business or personal life, our integrity shows by following through with the commitments we make and how we handle our mistakes.

     Having a high level of integrity will not only build solid relationships but will also show in the quality of service given. Strong relationships are built on trustworthiness and support. When integrity, relationships and service are in sync, we will naturally be motivated to look for ways to improve in any of those areas, which will lead to innovation. How can I provide better service? How can I be more efficient? How can I improve the customer experience?

     The Bible says we are made in the image of God. God for sure does what He says He will do. God created people to be in relationship with Him. Part of Christ’s life on earth was “not to be served, but to serve and give His life as a ransom for many”. God was the original innovator, creating all things new and good. None of us will ever reach perfection this side of Heaven, but I’m sure there are areas we can all strive to make a better experience for those around us.

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Gross or Net Tally

    When customers are shopping around for lumber, they will inevitably be comparing prices. When there are price differences from one distributor to another, one of the first questions is about gross or net tally.

     Gross tally is the quantity of green lumber that goes into a kiln for kiln drying.

Net tally is the volume of lumber that comes out of the kiln after drying.

So, what is the difference? Roughly 8%. Hardwood lumber will loose approximately 8% of its volume once it has been kiln dried.

     Some distributors sell KD lumber at the pre-drying volume, or gross tally. Most distributors will sell KD lumber at the post-drying volume, or net tally. When a customer gets pricing of lumber in a gross tally, the price will be lower, but they will receive 8% less actual quantity of lumber than they are billed for.

     On the other side, net tally lumber will be priced higher, and the actual volume received will be what is billed.

 For example, if I buy a lift of lumber that has 1,000 board feet for $1 a board foot and it is being sold at a gross tally, I will pay $1,000 pre-tax for the lift, but will only receive 920 board feet, making the actual board foot price $1.08 ($1,000 divided by 920 bdft).

Sold at a net tally, that same 1,000 board foot will cost $1.08, but I will receive an actual full 1,000 board feet and the whole lift will cost me $1,080 pre-tax.

     If you want the appearance of low-cost lumber, you can possibly buy lumber at a gross tally, but you won’t receive what you are billed for. Or you can purchase lumber at net tally and get what you pay for. At Craftsmen, we prefer to keep things simpler and above board (pardon the pun!), that’s why we sell our lumber in net tally and you will get what you pay for!

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Do you ever feel stuck?


Depending on the situation, being stuck could be a good thing! Stuck in the mud, stuck in a rut, or stuck like a pig aren’t situations we want to find ourselves in. But for furniture or cabinet parts, we want those stuck in place!


To help with making things stuck, Craftsmen is proud to announce we are now a supplier of Helmitin glue products. We are still a supplier of Titebond products. We want to be able to offer more variety to our great customers. Helmitin has been in business for roughly 100 years and is also a great adhesive option for woodworkers.


Helmitin won’t be seen in Home Hardware or Lowes, so it may be an unfamiliar name to some. We look forward to the new relationship with Helmitin and look forward to offering more products to the Ontario market! By the way, we do also carry BladeCote and GlideCote, so your products and blades don’t get stuck!   

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Our vision- to become our customers preferred supplier. 


2020-2021 has really thrown a wrench in the works for most people. One of the biggest upsets has been the supply chain. Lack of product and high demand has paved the way for higher climbing markets, and not just in the wood manufacturing industries. You’ve more than likely seen your grocery bill increase, higher gas prices at the pump, and overall cost of living increase. When people used to ask my grandfather “Hey Harry, what’s up?”, he would always have the same reply, “everything but the rent!”, and now that is going up! We understand that possibly now more than ever, customers are shopping around, and price may not even be the main factor. One of the biggest questions we get daily is “do you have it?”. We understand you have options. At Craftsmen, we don’t take any order for granted, we want to earn the privilege to do business with you. 




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October of 2021 was a milestone for Craftsmen, our 25-year anniversary.


This mission statement has helped guide the direction of Craftsmen for the past 25 years. Our mission, combined with you loyal customers, has helped Craftsmen reach its purpose and goals in supplying you with products and services you can rely on. And, as you may have noticed, we have also updated our website! In addition to a modern looking site, we have the added convenience of letting you select the items you need and request pricing. We understand that you are busy, and in order to help get you pricing and order your supplies, you can request a quote at your convenience. Thank you for helping Craftsmen reach 25 years! We look forward to building on our current business relationships and making new ones.


Our mission- To glorify God while providing quality wood products to the Ontario market. 

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