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Craftsmen Hardwoods has been a proud supplier of Sia brand sandpaper for approximately 4 years. Sandpaper is an essential product to get the best finish possible out of your lumber and impress your customers.


Sandpaper was first introduced to the world around the 13th century in China. Originally made from sand, crushed shells, and broken glass, it was known as glass paper. In the late 1800’s, Sia Abrasives (along with a few other manufacturers) brought sandpaper mainstream and into a variety of industries.


Sia has been developing and manufacturing high quality abrasive products in Switzerland since 1875. Since their founding, Sia has evolved to become the third large Abrasive mfg. in the world.


Sia Abrasives has been imported into Canada since 1984 by JJS Canada. They operate a 40,000 square foot facility which includes disc, sheet and belt conversion for the wood, metal, and automotive industry.


All sandpaper will be composed in the same manner where grit is applied to a substrate or backing i.e., paper or cloth, with a resin adhesive. Where manufacturers differ is the materials used. The backing is often either a paper or cloth material. Sia does offer products with a combination of paper and cloth or fiber, film, nonwoven, net, and bonded options.


For most sanding applications a paper backing product is recommended as it offers great life, some flexibility and a good finish. If you are sanding extreme curves or working in corners and hard to reach areas a flexible cloth product is ideal.


When using an orbital sander and if you are looking for best dust collection try a SIANET product, it helps capture nearly all the sanding dust in combination with a good tool and dust extractor. Did you know, there is even an option of washable wide belts that are Ideal when working with resinous woods?


Once the belt is clogged, soak it in water and spray it down with a pressure washer, then let it dry and you can keep on sanding. You can repeat this process time after time ensuring more life out of each belt.


Sia Abrasives grits are essentially diamond shaped and adhered to the backing using an electrostatic method. This method ensures that the grits are situated well on the backing, and with the bigger side embedded into the resin adhesive on the backer.


Aluminum oxide is the industry standard and a great option, as it has good durability and is cost effective. SIA is using a Blue Fired Aluminum Oxide in many products. This new grit provides great sanding life and through its use, exposes a new, sharp point that will ensure consistent and easy sanding.


Silicon carbide is another mineral used for making grits and is ideal for very hard surfaces such as glass, fiberglass and clear coats like lacquer and sealer. Silicone carbide grit provides the cutting edge you need as it tends to be sharper, but more brittle.  If you are looking for a more aggressive, highly durable sandpaper, consider spending a few more pennies and go with ceramic grit.


During use under high pressure the grit will fracture itself and create a new sharp edge for continuous performance.


Craftsmen stocks a variety of Sia products such as discs, portable sander belts, foam sanding blocks and pads, sanding sheets and Festool pattern discs. We even stock belt cleaner sticks to help you unclog your belts and extend their life. While we do not stock long or wide belts, we can order in the size you need.


If you have an edge sander, don’t forget that the graphite canvas on your backing plate wears out as well. Craftsmen stocks and sells graphite paper by the yard. This 6” wide canvas aids in extending the life of the belt by reducing heat and friction.


We welcome you to look through our sandpaper offers to get a quote on what you need.

Don’t see what you want? Contact us and let us know what you are looking for and we will do our best to get it for you.

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