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Waste Bin Undersink 15"

Salice - QPAMS15130C

The waste-recycle systems provide an aesthetically attractive and extremely effective solution to an essential kitchen function - the efficient handling of waste. Soft closing action and easy installation. The waste bins are equipped with handles to easily keep the trash bag inside and lift cans up.


Ideal for under sink kitchen and vanity cabinetry. Good for remodeling and upgrading cabinets.



- Lid available (sold separately).


Depth = 17-11/16"
Width = 15"
Height = 19-1/2"
•Bottom mounted or side mounted
•Full extension
•Soft close
•Easy installation with only 4 screws
•Clip on handle included in the kit
•Load capacity: 75 lbs
•One 32 qt and rear basket for small storage