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+15° Angle Hinge, Soft Close

Salice - C1R6ZE6

Silentia+ is also equipped with the innovative switch to delay the decelerating action. The activation of this switch allows, even to special doors, to obtain the ideal decelerating strength.


•Hinges with adjustable integrated soft-close mechanism operated by twin silicone-oil dampers housed in the hinge cup.
•The decelerating effect is adjusted by using a simple switch.
•For wooden doors with positive angled assembly.
•Hinges for doors of small weight and thickness.
•Dimensions of the Ø 35 mm cup.
•12 mm deep cup.
•105° opening.
•Possible drilling distance on the door (K): from 3 to 6 mm.
•Compatible with all traditional Series 200 mounting plates and with all Domi snap-on mounting plates.


*Non stock items may be delayed in delivery by 1-2 weeks.