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Wormy Soft Maple Lumber (Ambrosia)

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Wormy Soft Maple, also known as Ambrosia Maple, is a grade of Soft Maple selected to showcase the distinctive streaks and colour variations left by the Ambrosia beetle. This lumber is then kiln-dried, ensuring that only the beetles’ signature pattern remains. With its striking brown and gray stripes and small worm holes, Wormy Soft Maple adds a touch of rustic elegance to any piece. The worm-like variations are regarded as decorative features, not defects, and do not affect the final performance of the lumber. Wormy Maple is suitable for most woodworking applications, but it is especially popular among furniture makers. 


Craftsmen Hardwoods also offers Wormy Soft Maple with a live edge


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Additional Details 

Wormy Soft Maple can be sourced from any soft maple, a hardwood known for its versatile beauty and strength. Despite the name, the distinctive darker streaks that give this wood its character aren't the work of worms, but rather the Ambrosia beetle. The beetle burrows into the maple, carrying a fungus called Ambriosiela as a food source, and it’s this fungus that produces the varying colours. This natural interaction between beetles, trees, and fungus creates the remarkable patterns that Wormy Soft Maple is known for. It’s a fascinating display of nature at work.  


Common Uses 

  • Furniture: Wormy Soft Maple is widely used in furniture for its affordability and unique visual appeal. Its natural patterns, including the distinctive wormholes and streaks, add character to pieces like tables, chairs, and dressers. A popular choice among craftsmen of both traditional and contemporary furniture. 
  • Cabinetry: Wormy Soft Maple's attractive colour variations make it a popular cabinetry material. Its ability to take stains and finishes well makes it suitable for a variety of interior designs. 
  • Countertops: Wormy Soft Maple, particularly live edge, is suitable for countertops because of its beauty and moderate hardness. Its unique appearance adds warmth and natural elegance to any kitchen or workspace, complementing various styles from rustic to modern. 
  • Flooring: For flooring, Wormy Soft Maple offers a unique look with its characteristic patterns and colour variations. While softer than some hardwoods, it can still withstand foot traffic in residential settings. Its distinctive look provides a warm and inviting atmosphere. 
  • Panelling: Wormy Soft Maple panelling adds a natural, rustic charm to interiors. It's well-suited for creating accent walls or adding character to ceilings and other architectural elements. Its interesting patterns enhance the visual interest of any space. 


Technical Details 

  • Common name(s): Wormy soft maple, Ambrosia maple 
  • Country of origin: Canada and the United States 
  • Grade: 1 Common and better (may have knots, cracks, and other natural wood characteristics) 
  • Average dried weight: 2.52-3.17lbs per board foot 
  • Janka hardness: 700 to 950lbs (4,230 N)  
  • Physical properties: Soft maple is approximately 25% softer than hard maple. It features moderate bending and crushing strength but is less stiff and shock resistant. 
  • Working properties: Soft maple machines smoothly and accepts stains beautifully for a high-quality finish (use a pre-sealer to avoid blotchy effect.) It bonds well with glue and fastens securely with screws and nails. Additionally, it sands to a high sheen, works well with finishes and brown tones, and exhibits minimal degrade and movement during drying. 


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